?Kingdom Hearts 2.9? In The Works? It?s Possible! What We Know So Far

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A recent leak shows that Square Enix might be releasing another Kingdom Hearts game and some details for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game.

A recent information leak was found from a Square Enix employer where the employer share some details in his LinkedIn account. Discovered by fansite KH13, the employer?s profile share something about Kingdom Hearts 2.9 where he worked as a Game Designer. The Kingdom Hearts game will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, it is still unsure if the game will be a compilation of the previous Kingdom Hearts games, from Birth by Sleep, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and the 3DS games that were turned into full-length story videos, but it is a big possibility since the PlayStation 4 still does not have a game compilation for this. Square Enix previously launched Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and 2.5 HD Remix for the PlayStation 3 that features the older Kingdom Hearts games with HD remastered visuals.


The other info leak from the same source was for Kingdom Hearts 3, as it features the return of some game mode such as the Gummi ship, the Gummi ship was a mode of transportation in the Kingdom Hearts series, where you will be able to customize the ship and perform mini game stage that are similar to top shooter games in the arcades. A new feature was revealed in the leak was the multiplayer mode, though the Kingdom Hearts game are more focused on the single player story, some recent games such as 358/2 Days for the Nintendo 3DS features cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes with up to four players. It is possible that the rumored multiplayer feature in Kingdom Hearts 3 will follow the same route.

Just a reminder that the leak information could be fake, as the LinkedIn account only has two connections, which could be a fake account or an inactive account. No other details were hinted for Kingdom Hearts 3 with the exception of the recent announcement from Disney?s D23 Expo where Big Hero 6 will be featured as a world in the game.

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