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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay: What We Learned From Square Enix’s EGX 2016 Demo

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Kingdom Hearts 2.8

The Kingdom Hearts 3 release is still probably a few months away. The good thing is, Kingdom Hearts fans have a lot to be busy with once the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection releases this December. The?title will not only allow players to get into more of the series? lore, but it will also set the pace for the upcoming title. Square Enix recently showed off a lot of the game at EGX 2016. Here?s what we know about it so far.

Visuals And Gameplay Are Stunning

This video from PlayStation Access shows off Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage. This huge chunk of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 allows the players to control Aqua. The visuals for the game look amazing, and as expected, it?s the best we?ve seen from any Kingdom Hearts title.


Gameplay-wise, the combat system felt smoother than ever before. Kingdom Hearts is known for its fast-paced combat that took battles both on ground and air, but the upcoming title set a new standard for the series. Aqua can easily take the fight to the skies with a few moves. Thanks to the upgraded visuals, battles are really easy on the eyes.

How Does The Demo Stand With Fans?

Redditor VodkaOptic is one of the lucky few who got to try the game at EGX. The player?s testimony of the game sounded pretty amazing. Every Kingdom Hearts fan aching to get his or her hands on Kingdom Hearts 3 shouldn?t pass up on the upcoming title.

According to the player, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 takes the best out of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep. Everything in the game is polished, from visuals to gameplay and even the audio.

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