Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Ending: Lengthy Scene Leading To Kingdom Hearts 3

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How important is Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to the main storyline of the series? That?s a question fans have been asking themselves when the collection was first announced a few years ago. The third game is still in production, but this collection is a pretty important prologue to the anticipated installment.

Fans know that the collection will have an HD version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and a new prologue. Aqua, from Birth by Sleep, will be the lead of the game, and her story is very vital to Kingdom Hearts 3.?GameInfomer?has stated that the prologue – Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage – has an extended ending that leads to the third game.

The Key To 3

Gamers have underestimated tie-in games before, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is no different. A number of fans ignored the Gameboy Advance title Chain of Memories, which was actually pretty vital to Kingdom Hearts 2. This was rectified when the spinoff was re-released on PS2 and PS3 with updated graphics, along with newly voiced cutscenes.

Now that fans know the ending is important, it makes the 2.8 collection a vital part of the Kingdom Hearts canon. Admittedly, the story is a bit convoluted and at times ridiculously cheesy, but that?s part of the series? charm. Here is hoping that this collection is the last pitstop and that the third game is on the horizon.

Other Keyblade Ventures

Aside from Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Square Enix will also be re-releasing the 1.5 and 2.5 HD collections on PS4. Unlike the PS3 collections, all of these games will be on one disc and should support 1080p. Since these are older games, fans shouldn?t expect them to look like a high-quality PS4 title.?It?s a big collection, as it includes the following games:

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The collection also has all of the cutscenes from the DS games but not the titles themselves. It?s actually quite a shame, but they weren?t the best games around to be fair.

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