King Of Fighters XV Roster Leaked Online, Know Your Fighters Before They Release Officially, Full Details Here

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And it seems that the leak was online for months and we did not know about it until now.

That is right, some sources say that the leaked info for the roster list of the upcoming fighting game Kings of Fighters XV may have been available for quite some time. According to, a mysterious list appeared on the internet even before the King of Fighters XV trailer was revealed. A twitter user by the name of ALX shared this information though the original source has been taken down.

Here is the list of names that were shown from the alleged leak info

  • China Team: ???? (?), ??? (Tung Fu Rue), ???? (?)
  • Japan Team: ??? (Kyo Kusanagi), ????? (Benimaru Nikaido), ???? (Goro Daimon)
  • Fatal Fury Team: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, ?? (Joe Higashi)
  • Art of Fighting Team: ??? (Ryo Sakazaki), Robert Garcia, ???? (Yuri Sakazaki)
  • K? Team: K?, Maxima, Kula Diamond
  • Kim Team: ??? (Kim Kaphwan), ??? (Kim?s Master), ??? (Kim?s Wife)
  • Criminal Team: ??? (Prisoner Chang Koehan), ??? (Prisoner Choi Bounge), ???? (Newcomer Prisoner)
  • Women Fighters Team: ???? (Mai Shiranui), King, Alice
  • Ikari Team: Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern
  • Psycho Soldier Team: Athena Asamiya, ??? (Sie Kensou), ??? (Chin Gentsai)
  • Yagami Team: ??? (Iori Yagami), Mature, Vice
  • Mexico Team: Ramon, Angel, Tizoc
  • Palace Wan Team: ??? (Acting Mask Girl), ??????? (Teenage Girl Singer with Electric Element), ????? (Mysterious Hooded Man)
  • South Town Team: Geese Howard, Billy Kane, ???? (?)
  • South America Team: ???? (Brazilian Ninja), ????? (Handicap Boxer), ???? (Pretty Latin Girl)
  • Alternate World Team: ???? (Nakoruru), Love Heart, ?? (Mui Mui)
  • Mid-boss: ????? (Russian Billionaire)
  • Final Boss: ???????? (Non-Human Species)

Though take note that this info are still rumors despite being leaked, as for some missing names, these were left untranslated or character archetypes, as it is believed to be newcomers to the series.

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