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It seems that SNK Playmore has decided to play the me too game and publish a developer’s blog. I wonder what other ideas they will “borrow” in regards to King of Fighters XIII. The first entry has been translated by Varion from NeoGAF.

Read the translation after the jump.

Originally Posted by Varion from NeoGAF
Interviewer: Firstly, could you introduce yourself?

Yamamoto: I?m Yamamoto, the game design director for KOF13. I?m in charge of designing how the game will work.

Interviewer: Can you give us an outline of the systems in KOF13?

Yamamoto: Firstly, the new systems ?Hyperdrive mode?, ?EX Special Moves?/?EX Super Special Moves? will be included. ?Hyperdrive mode? will be a positioned as a strengthening of ?KOF-like speediness?, while the EX moves will be a strengthening of the tactical element. These will form the framework of KOF13. Furthermore, systems like throw break and Guard Cancel that weren?t in KOF12 will be revived from previous instalments. In addition there?s also another new system that will likely be KOF13?s biggest draw? but that?s a secret (laughs)

Interviewer: I see. The secret system does make me curious, but judging by what you?re saying, it seems like KOF13 will give the impression of being closer to previous games in the series than it is to KOF12. How come?

Yamamoto: Indeed. With KOF13, we?re aiming to make a game that fans of the series can play comfortably and use their experience of the series. This is the reason for reintroducing systems like throw break and guard cancel. On the other hand, we don?t want the game to be a simple copy of previous games in the series. We want to make a game that captures the fun and charm of the series. In other words, the development team is trying to develop a game overflowing in ?KOFism?

Interviewer: So, an evolution of the KOF series? fun?

Yamamoto: The series? charm is above all the good tempo and feeling of speediness, I think. In regular fighting games the players gradually read each other?s moves and either win or lose based on that. This repeats for about 3 rounds, and whoever wins two of those wins the match. In a KOF game, the game?s speed is quick, and there are plenty of ways to move large distances compared with other games, so rather than slowly reading each other?s moves, it?s more about repeating the pattern of quickly closing the distance between you and your opponent, attacking and retreating. This kind of speedy development is a key component of the series? fun.
However, to be a little blunt, in former games in the series there was a tendency for the defensive systems that were easier to use. For example, take the ability to save up a power gauge during combat. You could use that power gauge to execute a super special move, but it would turn the flow more to your advantage to wait for your opponent?s attack and counter with a guard cancel, then start your attack from there. When that happened, you get a style of play where players are constantly waiting for the other?s move, and the good tempo of the series can be spoilt. As a result, this time we?re making it so that using the power gauge as an attack system can also lead to your advantage in a match. We?d like it if you thought of the EX Special Move and EX Super Special Moves like this.
Furthermore, as I touched on before, the feeling of speed when starting an offensive by rushing, then combo! Combo! Combo! Is one of the finest elements in the series. We decided to include Hyperdrive Mode to further emphasise this.

Interviewer: Can you give us some examples of the kind of situations where EX moves can be utilised?

Yamamoto: EX moves use the power gauge to strengthen Special Moves/ Super Special Moves. Athena?s Psycho Ball, as in the movie uploaded on the official site, deals three hits instead of one. Projectiles have a set ?resistance? value, and her EX Psycho Ball not only has more hits, but also greater resistance, and as such won?t be cancelled out by the opponent?s regular projectile, instead negating it and dealing hits regardless. This should present an opportunity where the enemy is flinching from the multiple hits and you can move in and attack.

Interviewer: How about Hyperdrive mode?

Yamamoto: Referring to the movie on the official site here too, Kyo uses Oniyaki cancelled into a Nanajuugoshiki Kai to launch the opponent into the air and then continues attacking. Hyperdrive mode really widens the breath for chains, and EX moves can be included as well, so the player can experiment with all kinds of combos.

Interviewer: I see. It does sound like the kind of system that lets you enjoy the speedy battle developments of the series. To end with then, can you tell us something about that ?biggest draw? you mentioned earlier?

Yamamoto: That?s a secret! (laughs)

Interviewer: Oh go on.

Yamamoto: (Laughs)
Okay, just a little bit then (Laughs)
I?ve talked about KOF?s charm in terms of its systems, but the series also has another appeal in the ?coolness of its production?. It would be nice if each area had a showy, cool attack that made use of their unique characteristics, wouldn?t it? You?ll have to let me stop there.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time. I?ll be excitedly looking forward to this ?attack that makes use of the unique characteristics of each character?. Well then, KOF13 is intended to be a titleoverflowing with KOF-ism that allows you to further enjoy the speed of battle developments and the fun of going on the offensive. Next time we?ll be talking in more detail about Hyperdrive mode, so please look forward to it!

BTW That Capcom vs SNK 3 rumor was just an April Fool’s prank. I hate the internet.

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