Kinect Isn’t Going to Die Anytime Soon, According To Microsoft

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Xbox One No Kinect
Xbox One No Kinect

A lot of people thought that Microsoft?s Xbox One has totally ditched the Kinect for good. Fortunately, it is not the case. The company?s decision to remove the Kinect device from the Xbox One bundle does not necessarily mean that they are ending their support for it.? According to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb?s explanation, the $399 Xbox One without Kinect is more of a market move to give the consumers more freedom.

“We are not discontinuing Kinect or support for it. We still have a whole team of folks working on that. But we want to give everybody who would like to get in on the Xbox One action an opportunity,” Hryb states.

This isn?t much of a surprise though, for the most part. Microsoft already announced the Kinect-free Xbox One bundle last Tuesday, although Kinect will still be playing an integral part in the game console?s future titles and innovations. Xbox Executive Yusuf Mehdi even said that in five years, people will laugh at a computing device that doesn?t have voice or gesture control, which the Kinect shines the brightest.

The new $399 Kinect-free Xbox One Console will be officially out this coming June 9. For people who will buy the standalone device, the Kinect sensor alone, will go on sale this fall and it would be more or less $100. This will give customers a chance to decide if they will stick with their Xbox One without Kinect or buy it later. No official word from Microsoft about the pricing though.

Phil Spencer, however, believes that the $399 Xbox One bundle would actually attract more potential customers for both the Xbox One and the Kinect itself. $399 price point for the console is much more accessible to a lot of potential Xbox One buyers, and they will eventually realize that they want the Kinect. This, in turn, will lead to more sales for both.

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