Kinect Enabled Windows / Nokia Phone, Code Named ? McLaren ? , With No Buttons, Hopes to Defeat iPhone and Android Smartphones

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Kinect Enabled Windows / Nokia Phone, Code Named ? McLaren ?, With No Buttons, Hopes to Defeat iPhone and Android Smartphones

A Windows smartphone to defeat the iPhone and Android smartphones? This is what Microsoft is hoping to achieve in their upcoming devices, that contain a secret weapon that the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones don’t have (at the moment).?

The initial Windows phone lined up for release, that goes by the code tag of ?Nokia McLaren?, will have Kinect like features, and will be launched in late 2014 on major US carriers.

The Microsoft / Nokia smartphone, will have special features that let?the users hover their finger over the display, to activate apps, and interact with the handset’s tools and functions. This ?Kinect? capability, which lets the user control the device without touching the screen, automatically means that there will be no need for ?buttons? to press on this ?McLaren? smartphone.

The sources that knew about the McLaren phone, told the technology site The Verge, that the tech, which is called ?3D Touch or Real Motion? by Microsoft, has been under development in Nokia labs for the past several years. The existence of the McLaren phone was first leaked by popular ?leaker? Evleaks ( known in real life as Evan Nelson Blass, a popular American writer, editor, and phone leaker, but more popularly known by his pen name @evleaks).

According to various reports, the McLaren phone would be the successor of the Nokia Lumia 1020 and will sport a similar ?hump? in the back casing to house a powerful camera.

The device is speculated to contain a good number of sensors in order to achieve the Kinect-like 3D Touch capability, and Microsoft is actively courting developers to provide apps, games and tools that would utilize the exclusive system for the McLaren phone. Microsoft is reportedly planning to share this system with?other Android devices, like Samsung and HTC smartphones, in the future.

The 3D Touch / Real Motion system is expected to enable features like answering the phone by simply holding the device to the ear, or to activate the speakerphone by just setting the device down on a table. Putting the device inside a pocket will reportedly shut down the device automatically.

Other features envisioned with this system is activating the mute function by simply holding the phone to the chest (something most users do to cover the microphone), and getting rid of alerts by waving it ?away? in front of the display.

Reports also indicated that the 3D Touch system will allow users to control the orientation of the device by how it is gripped. This will benefit a lot of users who use their phone in bed (while continuously shifting positions) without the need to lock the orientation switch.

Another unique feature that the McLaren phone will reportedly have is the use of the sides of the phone to control certain functions. Sensors that can detect fingers sliding on the side of the phone can activate certain apps, as well as control the zoom function of the camera.

All these, the sources said, are?focused on Microsoft’s aim to make smartphone buttons obsolete. This includes the power button which will be activated (power function) by simply gripping the device.

A key element in the 3D Touch feature, is the ?change? to be adapted in the User Experience (UX) that most Windows smartphone users are used to. Users of a device like the McLaren phone will only need to hover their finger over a ?Live Tile?, and tap downwards in the air, without actually touching the screen. This will ?open? smaller ?Tiles? that are related to the particular app that Tile represents.

For example, in a ?Facebook Tile?, a hover and air-tap would reveal a ?messaging tile? and a ?phone tile? that will let the user message or call a contact.

Microsoft (Nokia) is not alone in pushing 3D tech on smartphones. Amazon is coming up with a 3D enabled phone soon and it will be vital for Microsoft / Nokia to differentiate their own device in order to achieve their goal of defeating the iPhone and Android smartphones in the ongoing mobile wars.

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