Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Continues Its South East Asia Reign

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Kimi No Na Wa

Kimi no Na wa, or better known as “Your Name,” continues its reign in South East Asia since its release in Japan on August 26. This weekend, the movie’s sale rose 41% up after breaking records in South Korea.

Makoto Shinkai’s film has been at the top for nine weeks in the Japanese charts since August. Earning approximately $192M, the anime continues to soar high and mesmerize audiences all over the world.

The reign of Kimi No Na Wa in South Korea, and soon, the world

On the opening day in South Korea, 130 thousand tickets were already sold adding more to the film’s success. According to Yonhap News, Kimi no Na wa attracted 837,556 audiences over its first weekend, which then totaled to 1.18 million. Eventually, Kimi no Na wa managed to snatch the top spot from the local blockbuster “Master.”

Kimi No Na Wa

The film also made waves as it also broke records in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan. A good run, but the film is still set out to show in more countries as well. Funimation will be in charge of distribution of the anime in America and fans there should see it this first quarter of the year.

What made the Kimi no Na wa hit?

The anime shows off a very endearing story of two teenagers accidentally swapping bodies with a bit of time travel and more. The story itself is quite simple but it made an impact and was memorable to anime fans and moviegoers as well.

While some fans have compared Shinkai with Hayao Miyazaki, Japan’s most revered and respected anime filmmaker, he feels rather uncomfortable with the idea. Shinkai also does not like the idea of the film winning an Oscar as he is not fully satisfied with the outcome of the film.

Nevertheless, we may be hearing more of records being broken once more countries get to see the film. That wouldn’t be surprising though, after all, Kimi no Na wa is a very good film and that’s an understatement.

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