Kimi No Na Wa Soars as the Next Big Name in Anime

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Makoto Shinkai ‘Your Name’

?Anime film?Kimi No Na Wa?is reportedly doing very well in Japan.?The movie has been well-received in its home country. It had already reached the top spot in the box office.

Kimi No Na Wa follows the story of two high school students. They are from different parts of Japan. One of the main character?s name is Mitsuhe. She is from the rural area. Her father is a mayor.

Mitsuhe somehow feels like she is trapped in a small town. She wants to find her place. Her goal is to live in Toyko.She thought about going to Tokyo as a male high school student one day.

Taki is the name of the second main character. He is from Tokyo,?fond of architecture and fine arts. He wants to study as a high school girl in a rural area.

The difference between Mitsuhe and Taki is the locations they are from. But it looks like the two have more things in common. Both of them seem to not find contentment in their homes. They want to explore life and other places.

Your Name Tops Japan Box Office?

Reports claim that Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) has already earned $61 million. It is expected that the film will reach as much as $100 million. It is still being shown in theatres.

The script of the hit movie was written by Makoto Shinkai. He published a novel that inspired the movie in June. Toho is the distributor of the anime film. CoMix Wave Films took care of its animation. Spirited Away?s Masashi Ando was the animation director.

Ryunosuke Kamiki lends his voice to Taki. He’s a popular actor in his country. Kamiki also starred in Rurouni Kenshin, which is a live action film. He played the role of Seta Sojiro.

Mitsuha is voiced by Mone Kamishiraishi. Kamishiraishi is also known for her role as Kanade Oe in live-action Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku.

Suicide Squad is also doing well in Japan.?It is expected that the film will reach $20 million.

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