Kim Woo Bin Clarifies Statement On Uncontrollably Fond Ratings & Review

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Uncontrollably Fond lead stars Suzy and Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin of Uncontrollably Fond clarified his recent statement regarding the series? low ratings and negative reviews.

The Hallyu heartthrob posted a message on his fansite earlier this week after Nielsen Korea announced the official ratings of today?s top Korean dramas. Based on Content Power Index (CPI) data, MBC?s W topped the ratings game with 273.3 points, followed by SBS? Doctors with 266.4 points.

Uncontrollably Fond?s ratings peaked at only 242.2 points. It is watched by 8.6 percent of TV viewers during the Wednesday and Thursday primetime slot versus rival show W?s 12.9 percent audience share.

Because of Uncontrollably Fond?s low viewership, Kim Woo Bin was compelled to apologize to their disappointed fans. The 27-year-old stars as an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young alongside k-drama sweetheart Suzy Bae.

?As the drama passes the halfway mark, I?m embarrassed,? Kim Woo Bin admitted about Uncontrollably Fond.

The dramatic artist also acknowledged that viewers had high expectations due to the success of another KBS show, Descendants of the Sun. ?He understood that k-drama fans have been waiting for a follow-up project after the hit wartime drama ended last April, but is worried that he ?wasn?t able to meet expectations.?

However, Kim Woo Bin was not completely negative about the romantic drama.


Uncontrollably Fond

“I learned a lot of different emotions through the character Shin Joon Young, and it was a valuable time during which I was able to reflect on a lot of things,” he explained further down his official statement, which was shared by International Business Times.

“I wanted to gift everyone with those precious emotions and thoughts that I had, and with warmth. I dare to call it a ‘present,’ but I hope that when you are watching the final episode, you will have felt at least a little of what I intended,” he added.

Social media has been abuzz over Uncontrollably Fond reviews explaining why the show did not do as well as people expected it to. Even though it gathered high ratings on its first week, viewers shared that they eventually lost interest since there is really nothing new about its typical ?rich guy ? poor girl? love story.

Furthermore, Uncontrollably Fond cast member Suzy Bae has also been criticized for her alleged poor portrayal of Kim Woo Bin?s love interest.

What do you think of Kim Woo Bin?s confessions about Uncontrollably Fond? The actor has been giving his best throughout the show – both in dramatic scenes and his solo clips. Do you think that the show can still improve and catch up with rival shows such as W and Doctors? Let us know by commenting below. ?

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