Kim Rae Won Says Park Shin Hye Helped Him Adjust In ‘Doctors’ Korean Drama

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Kim Rae Won shared how Park Shin Hye helped him take on a light character in Doctors Korean drama.

The 35-year-old actor is more known for his serious roles. The most recent would be his award-winning portrayal of an investigator in the 2015 legal thriller Punch.

It has been over 10 years since the matinee idol last starred in a romantic drama. These included Attic Cat in 2003 and My Little Bride in 2004. ?

In an interview originally published by Korean magazine Woman Sense, Rae Won said that he was excited about doing Doctors. However, he did worry about not being consistent.

The actor also confessed to being initially burdened by the show?s cheesy dialogue. He plays a professor named Hong Ji Hong who falls in love with his former student Yoo Hye-Jung [Park Shin Hye].

Luckily, those concerns disappeared as production for the SBS series progressed. The lead character said he realized that the dialogue was good and that it came out naturally. He also admitted that it helped when viewers started complimenting Doctors Korean drama.

However, one of the things that really helped was the chemistry between Rae Won and Shin Hye. Even with their nine-year age gap, the actor said that it is always fun to work with his 26-year-old leading lady.


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Rae Won narrated one of their earlier scenes wherein Shin Hye had to do a high kick. The actress got so riled up that she left a bruise on his left thigh and butt.

?We were early into filming then and it helped me relax and be less tense,? he shared. ?I don?t think I was motivated enough before that.?

?I should film an action movie with her next time,? Rae Won jokingly added.

Just recently, the two sent fans swooning over a sexy make-out scene shot on top of an arcade machine. The episode was so steamy, but Rae Won explained that he tried to be as professional as possible while shooting it.

Even prior to the controversial kissing scene, viewers have been gushing about the undeniable chemistry between Rae Won and Shin Hye. Their attraction has also been evident in behind-the-scene clips that fans have been spreading online.

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