Kim Kardashian-West Pregnant With Baby No. 3?

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Last December, when Saint was born several fans were happy for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. While, according to latest reports the star couple is planning to have baby number three. The reports even suggest that it could be on its way.

The Hollywood Life suspects that Kanye might have confirmed so as to he and Kim is already prepared to have a third kid. A paparazzi at LAX raised a question to Kanye about the possibility of baby number three and his reply have raised some eyebrows.

“Do you think you’ll have a third child, Kanye?” paparazzi enquired Kanye, for which he retorted saying, “Perhaps.”

Kanye’s answer quite made a stir among fans but Kim?s statement has been contrary to his.

Earlier, Kim had made clear that she never wants to get pregnant again, as her pregnancy to Saint was critical. She conceded that she is satisfied with North West and Saint.

“My husband needs a lot of attention, each kid needs a lot of attention, I work a lot, [and] I want to be able to give everyone just the same amount of attention,” Kim said in a recent “KUWTK” episode, reports Parent Herald. She added, “I’m content just having two kids.?

Furthermore, considering Kim?s busy schedule it is understandable that she has no time for getting pregnant again. While she was pregnant with Saint, she said that ?I am so over it…I am beyond over it? during one of the interview.

“I said this last time. I said I am done. Don’t ever make me go through that again. I am so honest about pregnancy. I think sometimes they (people) think I am ungrateful for being pregnant. It was really hard this time for me to get pregnant. How miserable it is, swollen feet and heartburn. It is the worst,” Kim said at the interview.

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