Killzone Mercenary: You Can Play With Bots Now In Multiplayer

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Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary

A new DLC for Killzone Mercenary has been released. The DLC focuses on multiplayer gameplay, but in a way, it is intended for ?Single Player? gamers. How is this so? The DLC is about letting the gamers play multiplayer modes offline against bots. This way, players who are having a hard time playing with other gamers across the internet or those who do not have access to online game modes will be able to play the multiplayer mode and even get the chance to nab the achievements intended for multiplayer game mode only.

Dubbed as The Botzone Soldier Training. This DLC expansion will let gamers play ALL the multiplayer levels against AI players. All the combinations will be available from 1-on-1 to 4-versus-4 gameplay modes. Playing with these bots will also let you earn in-game currency that will also help you develop your in-game ranking just like as you would, playing online with real playing people. This also lets you unlock additional Trophies for multiplayer mode.

Aside from the DLC, developers of the game have also released a new title update that fixes collision issues in multiplayer modes. It is a required update and it needs to be downloaded first before anybody can play online. As there are periodical updates with Botzone, players who intend to play with Bots will have to download the update in PlayStation store as well.

The DLC is available for $2.49 or ?1.99

Killzone Mercenary is one of the few First Person Shooting game in PS Vita and it?s one of the most graphically awesome games that you can get for Sony?s latest handheld. The story isn?t something this game greatly delivers, but heck, most FPS games, even on consoles don?t do that. (With the exception of Call of Duty series that is)

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