Killing Floor 2 Xbox One Release Still Coming?

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Killing Floor 2
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Tripwire Interactive?s Killing Floor series is an addictive horde shooter that features a tough survival battle against zombies and other horrors. Killing Floor 2 improved upon the features of the first game and it?s definitely an upgrade to the game that fans got hooked to. The sequel reached PC and the PlayStation 4, but fans expecting a Killing Floor 2 Xbox One version feel a bit left out.

Killing Floor 2 launched for the PC and PlayStation 4 on November 18. Fans are up to their waists in blood and gore in the anticipated title. As for Xbox One players, their hopes of getting their hands on the game seem lost for now as Tripwire Interactive is yet to confirm if they are already working on the?Killing Floor 2 Xbox One version. However, all hope shouldn?t be lost yet.

Not A Console Exclusive

In an interview with GamingBolt last May 2015, the developer noted that an Xbox One version of Killing Floor 2 is ?highly probable.? Tripwire Interactive doesn?t have any particular reason to not launch the game on the Xbox One. The developers said Sony helped them with the game’s development, which enabled them to launch the game on the PS4.?

For now, we might have to wait awhile for Tripwire Interactive?s official go signal on the Xbox One version of the game. Fans should expect a surprise announcement from the developer concerning the game if they are indeed working on it.

Those who played the first Killing Floor and 7 Days To Die shouldn?t have too much trouble with the sequel as there isn?t much of a difference between the gameplay of the first two titles. It?s still the fast-paced shooter that pits players against hordes and hordes of Zeds while using some insane weapons.

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