Killing Floor 2 Update: New Survival Holdout Sub-Mode Brings Roguelike Elements To Zombie Game

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Killing Floor 2
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Tripwire Interactive is at it again as the horde shooter Killing Floor 2 has a new update that adds something pretty fun to the game. The new addition in the Killing Floor 2 update isn’t exactly a new mode, but it’s still a ton of fun to do. Here’s how the Holdout sub-mode works in Killing Floor 2.

A recent post by Tripwire Interactive reveals a new sub-mode in the Survival game mode in Killing Floor 2 that’s free for everyone to get. The new sub-mode is basically an extension of Survival and it’s a pretty exciting game mode as it adds a procedurally generated map to the game. A few players might be confused as to how the sub-mode will work out, but Tripwire Interactive gave fans a gist of the inclusions in the Killing Floor 2 update.

  • It’s how holdout maps will be played. It’s designed to take you to through more varied map environments while not taking away the camp strategy.
  • We think of it as more variety in how to play survival. It’s not a completely new mode but can be thought of more as a submode.
  • Balancing is always ongoing based on community feedback. We also see the benefit in adding new content to the game along with continued support. We have new ideas, and the community always has some pretty cool ideas and requests. It’s great to be able to improve and expand the game with them.

First look at the new Survival Holdout sub-mode. Image courtesy of Tripwire Interactive.

Basically, the new sub-mode will feature rogue-like elements to the game. Players will be seeing familiar areas in the map including the boss area and the starting area. Aside from that, players will have to proceed to procedurally generated areas in the upcoming sub-mode. For now, the new sub-mode is available for the new map in the game which is Volter’s Manor.

It’s going to be an exciting addition to Killing Floor 2 as players will have to push themselves to unfamiliar territory. Players will have to work hand-in-hand in areas Zeds could appear, and players will have no idea where it might be.

Tripwire Interactive has once again introduced another fun addition to Killing Floor 2. We’re expecting more fun updates in the future, but for now, we’ll have to make due with the new Holdout mode in the upcoming Killing Floor 2 update.

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