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Killing Floor 2 Update: Split-Screen, Free Maps, And More Teased By Tripwire Interactive

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Killing Floor 2
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Tripwire Interactive?s Killing Floor 2 is giving players a chance to mow down waves upon waves of zombies and other mutated Zeds. Although the game?s already as good as it is, players are still looking for ways on how Tripwire Interactive can improve the game. The developer recently teased a few new features possibly coming to a Killing Floor 2 update.

Tripwire Interactive?s President Alan Wilson recently spoke to Alistdaily about the future of Killing Floor 2. Based on the interview, Wilson is promising a bright future for game, and players should be very excited for what?s to come next.

Split-Screen Coming Soon?

PC and PlayStation 4 players have few differences in expectations, says Wilson. Players are currently wishing for split-screen multiplayer on the console. Wilson also says that the PC features are migrated easily for the console version.

?There are requests like split-screen for the console, but mostly we?re finding that a game involving 6-player co-op and 6-vs.-6 player competition really migrates very easily between the platforms,? says Wilson.

Free Maps

Wilson adds that mod support is one of the planned features for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. In the PC version, players have access to a ton of free maps made by users through mods. The Killing Floor 2 update for the PlayStation 4 that will feature mod support will definitely bring in a slew of new content for players, free of charge.

More Content

Thanks to the game?s success, Wilson is promising more content. Fans can expect a Killing Floor 2 update featuring a lot of content within next year and the years to come. The only thing Tripwire Interactive is asking for fans is their continuous support for the shooter. With the developer recently launching PlayStation 4 Pro support for the game last month, fans can expect the console version to be up to par with the PC version.

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