Killing Floor 2 The Descent Release Details And Other Things To Know

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Taking Out The Zeds In Killing Floor 2 [Screenshot Captured From Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Video]

Tripwire Interactive’s co-op survival shooter; Killing Floor 2. is expected to get a new content update this week which further expands the game. The update, also known as the Descent, is once again reeling in fans to the game. Here’s what we know so far about the Killing Floor 2 The Descent release date and other details.

Killing Floor 2 The Descent Release

A post by Tripwire Interactive on the game’s forums reveal that the new content update is due out this week. A few players might’ve expected the update to drop yesterday but there might be some sort of confusion with how the Killing Floor 2 The Descent release date was revealed.

“Our current schedule (barring any major issues) has you jumping into The Descent the week of March 20th! That is next week for those of you without a calendar handy,” said Tripwire Interactive last week. To make it clearer, the update will launch on the week of Mar. 20 and not the date itself.

Update Inclusions

The Killing Floor 2 The Descent update will be adding two new weapons to the game. The weapons are the Spitfire and the Stoner 63A, both of which look to be the bane of the Zeds. The Spitfire is a weapon for Pyros and it can definitely set Zeds ablaze in a few seconds. On the other hand, the Stoner 63A is an assault rifle for commandos.

The update will also be bringing in the Holdout sub mode, which brings new ways to enjoy Survival mode“Holdout is a new sub-mode of the Survival game type with a brand new map being the first level to use it. Holdout will combine rooms together dynamically as players traverse the dungeon via drop downs to enter the next floor (with the only constants being the starting area and the boss room),” explains the developer.

Last but not the least are 2 new maps for the game; one of which is for the Holdout sub-mode. Players can expect a fantastic time killing Zeds in the 2 new maps when it launches this week.

Players should expect the content update to drop anytime this week as we’re already within the release range. Hopefully, it doesn’t get delayed as the upcoming update is another exciting slew of content courtesy of the developer.

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