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Killing Floor 2 Summer Update: What To Expect From Tripwire Interactive’s Next Free Content Release

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Killing Floor 2 Gameplay
Taking Out The Zeds In Killing Floor 2 [Screenshot Captured From Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Video]

It’s been awhile since players have had access to something new in Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 but the dry spell could be broken pretty soon. There might be an upcoming event in store for us in Killing Floor 2 and it’s an event that fans have had the chance to play in the first game. Will we see a Killing Floor 2 summer update?

In the first Killing Floor, Tripwire Interactive held a series of yearly events called the Summer Sideshow. The events ran from 30 June–22 July 2011, 5–23 July 2012 and 2-23 July 2013 but ever since the launch of Killing Floor 2, we’ve yet to see the comeback of the anticipated event. That could change this year though as Redditor EktheCat made a discovery in March hinting at the possibility of a Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow event.

Upon running a dedicated server locally, Killing Floor 2 began to load assets that don’t exist yet. In the codes for the assets, we can see that Summer Sideshow is hidden within the codes of Killing Floor 2. What makes the Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow event more likely is that Tripwire Interactive’s Molly acknowledged the Redditor’s findings.

What To Expect

Despite being just an event, Tripwire Interactive has added a lot of things to do in the Summer Sideshow events. If Killing Floor 2 does get the Summer Sideshow event, then players will be in for a treat as it adds a new map, new enemies, achievements and more to the game.

In the original Summer Sideshow events, Tripwire Interactive introduced a circus-themed map called the Abusement Park. It’s a pretty creepy map even for the standards of Killing Floor and it was fun duking it out with circus-themed Zeds.

There were 18 new achievements that came with the Summer Sideshow event and players had more things to do in the event. Aside from these, players also had access to a lot of new unlockables after beating a set of tasks. The other Summer Sideshow events even included new weapons, new maps, and more.

Players can expect the same amount of content of the Killing Floor 2 summer update if Tripwire Interactive does push through with the Summer Sideshow. It could come between the months of June and July so players should keep a close eye for updates.

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