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Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow Event Confirmed In Achievement List

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Killing Floor 2
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Fans of Killing Floor 2 are in for a treat next month as it seems like a very popular event from the first game is due to make a comeback soon. The Summer Sideshow event has yet to make an appearance in Killing Floor 2 but Tripwire Interactive is looking to change that soon. A new leak has confirmed that the Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow event is indeed happening.

Redditor Ktasz shares a few new icons he found in the game’s files. The icons are familiar to those who’ve been a fan of the game since the first outing. The icons are for collectible achievements during the Summer Sideshow event. The only difference this time around is that Redditor Ktask found the new icons over at the second game, which means that a Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow is coming.

The event was available three times in three separate years way back when in the first Killing Floor. The event is carnival-themed and it introduced event-exclusive items including new skins and carnival-themed map and Zeds. It’s a fun event that allows players to gain very neat skins so it’s something to look forward to when it arrives in Killing Floor 2.

We’ve yet to know if the event will still be called Summer Sideshow. However, the placeholder names for the achievements, SS, could be short for Summer Sideshow.

Fans over at the thread are obviously ecstatic about the upcoming event and they already have their eyes on a few skins that Tripwire Interactive should bring back. More specifically, fans are looking forward to the return of Steampunk skins through the next Summer Sideshow event. Hopefully, Tripwire Interactive does add in a few amazing skins to collect during the event.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to fans now as Tripwire Interactive’s own personnel have acknowledge leaks regarding the event before already. Things are looking more and more likely that the developer is indeed bringing back the event loved by fans.

We’ve yet to hear the full announcement from Tripwire Interactive regarding the Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow event but it won’t be long before we finally get to hear about the event from the developers themselves. The event will probably be scheduled during the last week of June and will last till the first week of July, like previous Summer Sideshows.

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