Killing Floor 2 PS4: Differences From PC Version

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Killing Floor 2 PS4

Killing Floor 2?s release for the PC and PS4 is on November 18. PlayStation 4 and PC players will definitely experience differences in gameplay due to the hardware and control differences. Here?s what we know so far about the Killing Floor 2 PS4 and PC differences.

Control Differences

Due to the obvious hardware control schemes of both platforms, players will definitely feel the different control schemes of the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. PlayStation 4 users will have to use the analog sticks to move and aim in the game. Since Killing Floor 2 is also a First-Person Shooter, players will definitely feel stiffness when controlling the camera and aiming on the foes.

However, Killing Floor 2?s systems is a good pick for the PS4 due to its Zed Time system where the game goes into slow motion. Players can choose to continue killing off the Zeds or run toward a safe position. If Killing Floor 2 PS4 players use this system to their advantage, the game will definitely be enjoyable similar to Call of Duty Zombies.

Unclear Differences

According to brucewaynewins? thread on the Killing Floor Reddit, fans are preparing to compare the Killing Floor 2 PS4 and PC versions. Tripwire Interactive hasn?t listed any patch differences between the console and PC, similar to The Fun Pimps? 7 Days to Die and Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch. Players will have to pool efforts if they want to know the exact differences between the console and PC versions.

Separate PS4 and PS4 Builds?

Tripwire Interactive has confirmed PS4 Pro support for Killing Floor 2 PS4. Players will be able to enjoy Killing Floor 2 at 4K resolution. We?ll have to wait for Tripwire Interactive to discuss the differences between PS4, PC, and possibly PS4 version?of Killing Floor 2. Stay updated with more Killing Floor 2 news here on TheBitBag.

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