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Killing Floor 2 Bugs: All Issues After The Descent Update

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Tripwire Interactive recently launched new content for the co-op survival shooter, Killing Floor 2. The Descent content pack added quite a few content to the game including new maps, weapons and bug fixes to the game. However, the update also added a few new bugs as well. Here are all of the Killing Floor 2 bugs found after The Descent update.

Framerate Drop Because Of New Weapon

Players took to the game’s subreddit to report the issues they’ve encountered in the most recent version of the game. One the issues is regarding the Stoner 63A Light Machine Gun; one of the new weapons included in the content update.

Players are reporting that whenever the gun is being used, the game suffers from severe framerate drops. This issue can be encountered in both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Players are speculating that the framerate drops occur because of the ammo shells that the Stoner 63A drops when firing. This poses as a big problem as the Stoner 63A has a high rate of fire and it’s strengths lie in its speed. This is just one of many annoying Killing Floor 2 bugs after the content update.

Stuck Zeds

Even the new map isn’t a stranger to a few Killing Floor 2 bugs. In the spiral staircase are of The Descent map, Zeds that spawn in the ceiling aren’t able to make their way down to the players. Players who encountered the bug had to use grenades and rocket launchers to get the Zeds if they can’t find ways to get near the player.

Another bug in The Descent map occurs in the third floor. Players are reporting that the waves of Zed are nowhere to be found. Even more confusing is that the Zeds don’t reappear even after all of the players die.

Server Issues

A few players are also reporting that they can’t connect to servers that are on The Descent map. This particular issue renders players from fully enjoying the content update that Tripwire Interactive recently released.

There are a ton of other issues in the game and we’ve yet to know when the proper fixes will come. For now, players should report all issues to Tripwire Interactive so that it will get fixed in the next update for the game.

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