Killer Santa Claus Prank On The Rise: The Next Killer Clown?

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Killer Santa Claus

A Killer Santa Claus prank is on the rise, immediately after the Killer Clown craze. Furthermore, similar to the Killer Clown 2016, the Killer Santa Claus craze originated more than a couple of years back.

However, it appears that it?s making its comeback, thanks to the Killer Clown craze 2016. With Christmas just less than a month away, people can?t stop talking about Killer Santas due to the Killer Clowns incident last month.

On the other hand, the Killer Santa had been real at some point. As it turns out, a man named Bruce Jeffrey Pardo might?ve been a huge fan of Killer Santa movies such as Tales From The Crypt. Pardo used Santa?s iconic red suit for a night of mayhem and murder.

Killer Santa Claus

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On December 24, 2008. Pardo came uninvitedly to her ex-wife?s house while they are celebrating a Christmas Eve party. That?s when an innocent 8-year old little girl opened the door after seeing Pardo in front of their door carrying a wrapped present.

Pardo immediately shot the innocent girl in the face and began unloading the rest of the clip into the other family members and party goers. The massacre news spread like wildfire across the US and eventually branded as ?The Covina Massacre.?

Killer Santa Claus Prank On The Rise

Some people really love festivities in a malicious way. Similar to what we?ve seen in the Killer Clown incident, numerous rumors suggest that the alleged Killer Santa is another growing craze.

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Fortunately, it?s still just a growing rumor and sightings are still yet to be found. However, people like Pardo, who?s driven by madness, will definitely commit to these acts. Thanks to the Killer Clown incident, people now know what other people are capable of.

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