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Killer Instinct Season 4: New Guest Characters And Reworks Teased By Iron Galaxy Studios?

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Killer Instinct Season 4

Game developer Iron Galaxy Studios teased some new guest characters and reworks for Killer Instinct. As everyone is expecting Killer Instinct Season 4, the studio director shared a survey asking fans to rate some of the potential guest characters for the game series. On its official website, fans can choose the players they would like to play in Killer Instinct.

Iron Galaxy Studio director Kraig Kujawa on Twitter shared a survey for fans suggesting them to choose their favorite characters for the game. The survey highlights nine characters including Halo Brute, Djinn, Eagle, Crackdown Agent and Joanna Dark. The studio also asks fans to share their preferred character choices apart from the suggested ones.

The developer has already introduced some new guest characters in this year?s launch of Killer Instinct: Season 3 and in old games from the series. The studio has already cleared its plans for a new season, which could be Killer Instinct Season 4. These characters listed in the survey can possibly come out in the next season of the fighting game series.

The survey is available on the developer?s official website for the game. The survey will be closed on July 5 and the developer writes on its official website ?help us in shaping the future of Killer Instinct.? Kujawa on his Twitter account revealed that many fans took the survey and within three hours, the studio received more than 1,300 votes.

The new guest characters are not the only thing the studio wants fans to vote for. The survey also indicated that there will be re-imagined characters. The characters include Sharkman, Shadow Orchid, Cinder Pre-Transformation, Kelvin as Rushdown Glacius and Aganos Broccoli Man.

The studio has not confirmed when the results will be announced and what the developer would bring after it. Players still have a day to vote for their favorite characters. The survey reveals no specific details regarding the game?s features or anything related to the Killer Instinct Season 4 gameplay. It would be interesting to see what kind of announcement the studio brings when the survey closes.

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