Kill Strain PS4 Release Date, Details About the Exclusive Free Game

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Kill Strain PS4
Kill Strain PS4

PlayStation fans have much to cheer this week. After arriving exclusively for the PlayStation Plus members last week, Kill Strain, the free-to-play, twin-stick shooter game from Sony?s San Diego Studio is finally launching today for everyone else.

The Kill Strain PS4?will be released on July 19 and fans can have all the fun in the ?mercs vs. mercs vs. mutants? game. As the gameplay trailer reveals, Kill Strain pits three teams – two teams of five humans and one team of one or two mutants – against one another. The three competing teams will be going against each other for control of an energy source called ?The Strain.? The bit of twist is that mutants can turn their human opponents into mutants resulting in dynamic team sizes as the match progresses.

With multiple threats as two teams of humans and one of mutants battle, it will be a pretty exciting game to play as you?ll have to decide whether to focus your attention on the monstrous threat or blast your fellow humans. Even more, Sony has promised that although the title is free-to-play, it will not fall into the ?pay to win? trap that has plagued several other free competitive games of this generation.

You can learn more from the synopsis which says: ?Kill Strain? is a top-down, competitive twin-stick action shooter with a monumental twist where three teams are pitted against each other for domination. Featuring innovative 5v5v2 gameplay, two teams of five players battle to contain-and-control a mysterious and powerful energy source codenamed ?The Strain? that has been discovered in research facilities. The humans are not alone in these remote locations, as two additional players take on the roles of mutants. Endowed with additional abilities when in contact with ?TheStrain?, the mutant team wreaks havoc on the humans to spread ?The Strain? further on the field; turning humans into mutants along the way and creating a more powerful force.?

Check below for the Kill Strain features:

  • Inventive 5v5v2 Gameplay: Two teams of (5) humans and one team of (2) mutants engage in a three-way tug of war for control of the battlefield.
  • Dynamic Team-Sizing: Kill Strain introduces a novel cyclical ?turning? mechanic where players turn their enemies from humans to mutants in order to build their team.
  • Free to Play: Kill Strain is free to download and play, but never pay to win.
  • Intricate Character Progression: With the ability to play as human or mutant, players can tailor the technological enhancements of their human character and biological enhancements of their mutants to their individual play style.
  • High Replayability: The ?turning? mechanic delivers to players a fresh experience every round. Kill Strain will also roll out new content for players to upgrade their characters, new maps and more on a regular basis.

Kill Strain is available now for free exclusively for PS4 which can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store. It is one of the service-based games from the San Diego Studio along with GUNS UP! (available now) and Drawn To Death (available later this year), which will be free to download upon live release.

Xbox gamers?have The Solus Project to look forward to which is similar to much anticipated PS4 title?No Man?s Sky.

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