‘Kill Bill 3’ Movie News: Tarantino Reveals Plot? Uma Thurman Considers Reprising Role, Quentin Tarantino Plans Something Wild? Details Here!

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Kill Bill 3 Movie news shows what looks to be the next movie that’s high in the cards for director Quentin Tarantino as the movie?s star, Uma Thurman, has expressed intent to reprise her role. Tarantino may also start the film?s production once he finishes with his current western movie, The Hateful Eight.

Tarantino has continuously teased ?Kill Bill: Volume 3? since the first Kill Bill and the sequel was released in 2003 and 2004 respectively. He has revealed during the 2015 San Diego Comic Con that he has been in talks with Uma Thurman about a third installment, Nerd Core Movement reported.

?We?ll see. Never say never. We?ll see when it comes to Kill Bill 3.? Uma [Thurman] would really like to do it, we talk about it every once in a while.?

Kill Bill 3?Movie News

Tarantino also spilled the beans on the story of the third installment.

?We?ve got to wait for Vernita?s daughter to get old enough to kill her so we?ll see,? Tarantino said as Beatrix aka ?The Bride? (Thurman) killed Vernita in front of her daughter.

According to Indie Wire, the daughter of Vernita played by actress Ambrosia Kelley is nearing her 20th birthday this year and might now be old enough to play the role. They also reported that Beatrix?s daughter is also near the same age and Tarantino may be planning to stage a showdown between the two.

A focus on the two young women is also plausible as Thurman previously hinted that Tarantino is a director who plans a fresh approach in his movies and he may apply the same in Kill Bill: Volume 3. Tonight reported that Thurman thinks that Tarantino would plan ?something wild? for the latest installment.

?He would apply the same discipline of originality to a trilogy of ?Kill Bill?, but I don?t know if he?s the type of person to retrace his steps. At least it would be very fresh if he approached it, it would be something wild.?

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