Kids Choice Awards: How Mario And Luigi Stole The Show

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Check out how the plumber brothers managed to show up and made a great performance.

Nickelodeon is one of the biggest kids TV channel on cable TV and has spawned a ton of popular cartoons. They also host their annual Kid?s Choice Awards, where they award some of the artists, celebrities, movies, music, TV shows and games that were voted by the kids who participated in the voting. It is also where celebrities get slimed in most segments as it is part of Kid?s Choice Awards? tradition.

But the main highlight of this article is not the slime, but rather certain brothers that are quite popular in the world of video games. That?s right, the Mario Bros. made a special appearance at the Kid?s Choice Awards. They were present in the form of an animated video as they showed up to pass the presenting to Kel Mitchell and to find out who won for the Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie. To do this, participants had to complete an obstacle course and reach the flagpole where the envelope for the winner was placed. One way it became intense was making the course themed to the Super Mario Bros. level, with matching Koopas and Goombas with bricks and blocks to jump on. After a minute of struggling to reach the target, the participants managed to get to the flagpole and retrieve the envelope. And the winner for the favorite voice from an animated movie was Amy Poehler voicing Joy in the Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out.

If you want to check out Mario and Luigi?s appearance at the Kid?s Choice Awards, you can also check out the Super Mario Bros. themed obstacle course that was a highlight at the Favorite voice in an Animated Movie awarding segment by watching the videos below. But your better hurry, as these videos might be removed from YouTube at any moment. Many thanks to Kotaku for the heads up



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