Kid Kulafu: A Sneak Peek into the Life of Manny Pacquiao

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Whenever a sports fanatic talks about boxing, the name Manny Pacquiao pops up.? And now, the movie, Kid Kulafu is set to tell the tale of the pride of the Philippines and how he endured many difficult challenges while growing up, which started in Bukidnon, Mindanao during his childhood and teenage years.

According to The Guardian, The film derives the nickname of one of the world’s best boxers of all time, from the wine bottles he collected for money in his early years.? It also presents how how he dealt with poverty and how he started his boxing career.

The Cast

The film, as Daily Pedia reported, stars Robert “Buboy” Villar, 15–as the young Pacquiao, Alessandra de Rossi–as the feisty yet lovable Mommy Dionisia–Cesar Montano–as Manny’s uncle, Sardo–as well as Alex Medina–as the distant, reserved and absentee father who loves his family though, he cannot make a decent living [via Sunstar].

The Movie

Through the efforts and love for boxing, Sardo, encourages Manny to enter the world of boxing.? Pacquiao joins the Digos amateur boxing and his team wins the the championship over General Santos team where he was not made part of the team.

Manny goes over to Manila where he lands a job in a bottle cleaning factory by day and goes his journey to become the pride of the Philippines and the world.

The movie also shows Manny’s concern for each boxer on his team as well as his breakdown scene where he sees the death of his fellow boxer, Eugene.

The Director

Director Paul Soriano shot the movie in the Philippines and did the post-production in the US.? He said during the premiere on Tuesday night, “He’s just like everyone of us.? He started with nothing and due to a lot of hard work and luck, he gains something.

The movie preludes the highly-anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather,on May 2, opens in over 70 cinemas nationwide Philippines in? on April 15 while it is set to be released on April 24 in the US and Canada on selected cinemas.

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