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Kickstarter Video Game Picks of the Week

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After Reset RPG has a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting

This week?s Kickstarter picks sees some of the best 2D art graphics we have seen in a while. Check them out and support the projects if you like them.

Jenny LeClue

Indie developer Mografi has been working on Jenny LeClue for the past years. The developer takes pride on the game?s handmade 2D art, which sincerely caught my attention. Although the 2D art of the game is undeniably for the kiddos, players craving for some mystery solving shouldn?t be disappointed as well.

Jenny LeClue is a 2D exploration-adventure game telling the story of young detective Jenny LeClue. In the game, you explore the town of Arthurton, where Jenny?s mother has been accused of murdering Dean Strausberry. Now you play the role of Jenny as she solves the mysteries surrounding the case.

The campaign has only been out for a week, but has already raised $23,000?35% of its $65,000 goal. If you?re up for some Sherlock-type mystery solving, this game is something you should consider.


image courtesy of Mografi

Kickstarter Page: Jenny LeClue

After Reset RPG

In less than a week, After Reset RPG has already reached its target goal of $35,000. Yet this budget is only for the Prologue of the game which is set for an Alpha Test release this fall. The true goal of the project is $900,000, but its previous campaign was unable to gather that much funding. This time, developer Black Cloud Studios intends to gradually release chapters of the game as stretch goals are achieved. This means the more funding it gets; the more chapters will be released.


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Inspired by iconic games such as Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur?s Gate, and Planescape: Torment, After Reset RPG features stunning graphics, a complex storyline, and hardcore mechanics. If you are big Fallout fans like the developers are, they assure you that you will love this game even more.

After Reset RPG is a sci-fi role-playing game set in an apocalyptic atmosphere. The full game is expected to be released come January 2016 if all goes well.

Kickstarter Page: After Reset RPG


Jotun is an action-adventure game about Vikings, Gods, and giants being developed by Thunder Lotus Games. You play as Thora, a Norse warrior who has died and finds himself in Viking purgatory. Along the?way, he battles giants called Jotuns and his mission is to prove himself to the Gods that he is worthy of entering Valhalla. The game offers breathtaking 2D art and one mythological story to tell.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

The Jotun project is nearly halfway its $50,000 goal seven days in. Hopefully it won?t fall short as this is my personal favorite and I?ve already pledged to the campaign. The release of the full game is dated September of next year.

Kickstarter Page: Jotun

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