Kickstarter Project Nura Headphones that Adapt to your Hearing Now have Over $1.6 Million-Worth of Pledges

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The Nura Headphones, a Kickstarter project spearheaded by a group of Australian entrepreneurs, is set to fly off the ground (and hopefully into store shelves) once it receives its over $1.6 million worth of funding tomorrow, Friday.


What?s so special about the Nura Headphones?

Well, according to its Kickstarter page, these headphones are designed to change the way you listen to music.

The Melbourne-based inventors of this pioneering project believe that everyone hears music differently. The Nura is designed to automatically adjust to your ears? sensitivity to different frequencies. Through a calibration process, which lasts in less than a minute, the headphones study and learn your hearing profile, adjusting the sound so that what comes into your ear is clear, crisp, just the way the artist recorded the song or track.

The Nura Headphones have a unique in-ear bud and over-ear cup design, which let any listener hear and appreciate the deepest bass and the clearest of tones. And because of its cup design, no noise from your immediate surroundings would come in and interfere with your listening experience.

According to its information page, the Nura Headphones have a one-of-a-kind ability to separate the high and the low frequencies and play them through different speaker drivers. ?The over-ear cup contains the first driver, playing deep bass that don?t interfere with high tones or muddy the sound,? while the ?in-ear bud contains the second driver controlling the high tones for crystal clear notes.?

This CNET report puts the technology behind Nura in a nutshell: ?The short version is that it uses oto-acoustic emission, a kind of echo produced by the ear when it hears certain sounds, to learn how you receive particular sound frequencies. The tiny sounds are picked up by a mic embedded in the buds, and used to build a personalised profile that can balance music playback and fill in your ?musical black spots.??

The Nura then remembers your unique hearing profile so that the next time you use these headphones, it will give off the sound according to your settings.

The Nura is now Australia?s most funded Kickstarter project and is scheduled to receive its more than $1.6 million worth of funding by the end of this week.

Sound and tech experts who already tried out the Nura Headphones prototype have nothing but praises for this promising product.

Loz Blain of Gizmag writes:

“They sound amazing to everyone here who’s tried them… but what really dropped my jaw was when we passed them around the office and saw just how different a sound they created for each of the guys on the team.”

Luke Lancaster of CNET writes:

“The dual speaker setup meant the vocals, instrumentals and bass (my God, the bass!) all came through remarkably clear. I was picking up on things in songs I hadn’t heard before. It sounded great.?

Jason Lim of Forbes writes:

“The personalization mode was incredible, especially listening to a live-recorded track… With the super bass, the experience was even better.”

Brian Heater of TechCrunch writes:

“Everything comes through with great balance, and the instrumentation is extremely clear. I was impressed.”

Dennis Baum of Geek Girlfriends writes:

“The intimacy of the vocals, the rumbling of the bass, the heartbeat of the drums, and every single note of the churning lead guitar was distinct, perfectly balanced, and rocking.”

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat writes:

“The headphones are designed for comfort and have dual isolation, which prevents sound coming in or going out during use.”

If ever you?re planning to go shopping for new gadgets and accessories for yourself, you might want to consider the Nura. You might just have to wait a little while before you actually get a hold of this new tech wonder, because from the looks of it, the Nura won?t be released anytime soon.

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