KickassTorrents? Owner Arrested: Internet Reacts to the Shutdown

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KickassTorrents? Owner Arrested
KickassTorrents? Owner Arrested

Since the beginning of July 2016, KickassTorrents has been part of the online news. In July 2, several news reports mentioned that KickassTorrents has removed or deleted more than one million torrents. The week after the mass deletion, news came out that its rival, MegaUpload, has been revived after a long hiatus. In more recent news, netizens reported about the use of KickassTorrents to be intermittent.
While the owner of the largest torrent sharing site was arrested, the rest of the world is talking about how painful it is to lose the site. There were funny tweets, sad tweets and even those who basically personified the site. The ?death? of KickassTorrents is now trending with the use of #RIPKat. Here are some of the funny reactions netizens had about the KickassTorrents shutdown.

1. There is no god because KickassTorrents is gone.

If you are like some of the people who are avid downloaders, you will probably feel the same way.

2. This guy still wishes that the owner of the site had a partner.

If Artem Vaulin, alleged owner of KAT, really had a partner, then there wouldn?t be a problem. Recent news suggest that KAT has a mirror since its shutdown, according to TheNextWeb.

3. Ever since KAT was shut down, many have become sad and are looking for possible alternatives.

4. Apparently, there are more than 50 million people using KickassTorrents to download whatever they need.

However, it doesn?t seem to be so bad for the film industry.

5. This is what personifying things mean.

The Twitter account user says this like he has lost a friend but really #RIPKAT.

6. There were also people who felt as if the world was going to end.

The moment i realize the gravity of situation. #ripkat #kickasstorrents

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According to Engadget, Facebook and Apple had something to do with the arrest of 30-year-old Vaulin in Poland. You can read the criminal complaint PDF to see the full report of the charges he?s facing, which are copyright infringement and money laundering. Facebook helped catch Vaulin through their service as investigators obtained records for the email address ? This email address was linked to KickassTorrents? social media accounts.

?On July 31st 2015, records provided by Apple show that the account was used to purchase something on iTunes. The logs show that the same IP address was used on the same day to access the KAT Facebook page,? Engadget reports.

How do you feel about KickassTorrents? sudden demise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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