KickassTorrents (KAT) Owner Not Liable? Should Users Like You Be Charged Instead? Here’s Why

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It?s a known fact that the KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin was arrested last month?and the site was taken down indefinitely. Although there are a?bunch of alternatives available to choose from, one by one they are also getting impounded — the recent victim being the widely used?Torrentz .eu.

However, the lawyers of Vaulin have apparently requested the US Department of Justice to strike down the criminal charges against their client, and in the process, release him from the Polish prison. Going by their argument, Vaulin cannot be held accountable with criminal charges for the content downloaded by users from across the globe.

Vaulin, the 30-year-old Ukrainian, has been charged with ?copyright infringement and money laundering.? Polish authorities acted on the complaint made by the US.

The lawyers have called the charges against Vaulin baseless. The interesting part of this case, however, is that so far nobody has claimed or refuted that Vaulin was the owner of the now-defunct site. His defense team has requested the concerned authorities to dismiss all the charges, Torrent Freak noted.


Vaulin?s lawyers? main argument is that the KickassTorrents owner should not be held responsible for a crime committed by the site?s regular users. The same team also pointed out that secondary copyright infringement does not exist under the current US law.

The lawyers consider KickassTorrents as a search engine, much like Google. What users do with the data collected from a search engine should ideally not come back to bite the owner of the search engine. Technically, this makes sense because, say you download information about ?how to make bombs? from Google. You follow the instructions and successfully make a bomb. On that note, will the authorities consider Google responsible for listing the source? This is indeed food for thought.

The defense team also pointed out that the?KickassTorrents site never hosted any downloadable copyright infringed content directly. KAT acted as a gateway to other sites that hosted the actual content. Except for the torrent files, there really was no copyright infringed materials stored on the site.

?Defendants cannot be held criminally responsible for what users do after they leave the KAT search engine behind. The Copyright Act does not criminalize secondary copyright infringement,? the lawyers added.

While we see the point made by lawyers, they apparently insisted that authorities should not ?question, interrogate, or interview? Vaulin ever. It would be interesting to see how this case unfurls in the coming days. TheBitbag will keep you posted.

If you are a regular KickassTorrents user, the right thing to do is to never download any new movie for at least 60 days from its date of release. Also, try using the top?VPN services to make sure your actual IP address doesn?t get logged anywhere.


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