Kickass Torrents Will Never Come Back?

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Kickass Torrents or KAT, a highly popular torrent website that hosts torrent files for the people who wishes to download free digital stuff online, was recently shut down. The site provides magnet links and torrent files in order to expedite the P2P or peer-to-peer sharing via uTorrent or BitTorrent program.

Rumors speculate that the former King of the torrent land is about to come back and take back the throne. However, if the users can see all the odds and hardships that they?re currently dealing with, they are unlikely to return.

Torrent Freak stated that Kickass Torrents had been operated using a supposedly Front Company that is located in Ukraine and is also called, Cryptoneat. However, there aren?t any pieces of past existence of the company, that can be accessed through the internet. A survey also proved that the domain of Kickass Torrents has been expired.

The massive website company called, Cryptoneat has a large number of employees. It surfaced on the internet way back in 2014. Until then, its logo was updated to basic logo. The said website has acquired a number of upgrades over the following months. By August of 2015, once again they showed off a fresh logo.

The logo was designed and made by the former Ukranian Graphics designer artist, Andrey Koval. It is unclear if he is directly involved with either KAT or Cryptoneat.

Aside from the logo, they also made a statement that indicates their purpose. They stated: ?Our company, Cryptoneat is a development software company that produces our own products since 2008?.

Cryptoneat is allegedly operating within two URLs, UA and COM. Both of the URLs disappeared and suspected to be related to the Kickass Torrents owner?s arrest. At the same ?time, Cryptoneat?s Facebook and Instagram accounts are also deactivated. Hence, lowering the chance of revival of the Kickass Torrents even more.

There are also messages from the company that they held to the ergonomics cult: Apple Hardware, Multi-Monitor setups, and Herman Miller Chairs. Their company?s last project was the Wine Scanner iOS application.

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As of today, torrents fans are using several other alternatives to download torrent files. These include YIFY, The Pirate Bay, Reloaded,, and Reloaded. US government doesn?t seem to be interested in taking down Cryptoneat?s company. Kickass Torrents may not be back, for a while at least.

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