Kickass Torrents Mirrors Are Safe? How To Spot Fake KAT Alternatives

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There was a big void after the arrest of the Founder of one of the biggest torrent website, Kickass Torrents. The said website has been gone for a while now, and last week another huge torrent website named went dark and shared the same fate as Kickass Torrents.

The founder of Kickass Torrents, Artem Vaulin is charged with a mass copyright infringement and other violations that are related to piracy. Artem Vaulin stated that they aren?t worried, because if it is not them, some other groups will keep their game running.

A bunch of phishing or hacking websites turned up and named themselves as mirrors of the fallen torrent websites. However, these clones or mirrors will hack you or steal from you. Keep in mind that these websites can steal your bank accounts or even use your identity.

One of these clone websites is It is one of the clones that resurfaced the internet after the downfall of It is very identical to the legitimate version of KickassTorrents, it shares the same appearance and functions.

After attempting to download a torrent, the website will ask you to sign up for a free account and will prompt that it is required in order to download the said torrent. It will then proceed to ask for the user?s credentials and other credit card information.

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The original Kickass Torrents won?t ask for the user?s banking information. This concludes that the current torrent website named has no connection to the fallen torrent website.

Fans can use Extra Torrents and the good old Pirate Bay to download free digital stuff online. Pirate Bay is said to be the number one choice of users and Extra Torrents as their second. Torrent alternative websites like RGB,, Torrentdownloads, and TorrentHound are also available.

Remnants of KAT can still be found online. It is rumored that the Kickass Torrent?s team are regaining their strength for another battle of the best torrenting sites and Kickass Torrents refuses to lose.

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