Kickass Torrents (KAT) Clone Crops Up Just Over A Day After Domain Shut Down

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Multiple domains of Kickass Torrents (KAT) were shut down by authorities just over a day ago. But now, a slew of KAT clones and mirrors are already making rounds online. One of them is a famous site known to rescue the pirating community.

Apart from the extremely popular Kickass Torrents and?The Pirate Bay, the website ?isoHunt? is also equally popular among people who download pirated files. As of today, isoHunt has a mirror for KAT, and it has been named ?KickassTorrents.website.?

As it turns out,?Venture Beat first noticed this link and says that the aforementioned KAT mirror site has been hosting files for more than a year. This site allows regulars to archive those files that weren?t saved ahead of time.

Even though the Kickass Torrents mirror exists, there apparently is no forum attached to it, unlike the real?KAT website.

In general, the website isoHunt has been the savior of sorts for the pirating community, as folks running this site come together to rescue the regulars in their time of need. The once-prominent The Pirate Bay was also rescued by isoHunt in 2014. The Pirate Bay was taken down following a police raid in Sweden.

Unlike the current Kickass Torrents mirror, the clone of The Pirate Bay looks like an exact replica of the original site. In fact, isoHost apparently added new contents to the mirrors.


Speaking of KAT clones, folks at isoHunt apparently have no idea as to how long they can keep the site alive. It goes without saying that in the coming days, authorities will be hunting down KAT clones and mirrors too.

To top it all off, isoHunt has asked the pirating community and the regular users across the globe to come together and support the recently arrested Kickass Torrents owner Artem Vaulin. There is a petition on?Change.org and also on?The White House-specific site, which can be signed by anyone.

Truth to be told, these petitions will not help save Vaulin, as the US Government has lodged criminal cases of?copyright infringement and money laundering against him. The piracy even resulted in the whopping $1 billion loss by the entertainment industry in the US.

Nevertheless, readers should note that in case the signatures supporting the KAT owner reach over 100,000 within 30 days, the US Government might release an official statement. ?At the time of writing this post, 2,279 supporters have already signed the petition.

However, regular users of Kickass Torrents should note that signing the petition indirectly means you are voluntarily identifying yourself as one of the regulars or at least a sympathizer of the illegal file-sharing website.

On a related note, we also heard that a ?new technology? has been used to curb the illegal video recordings of movies/shows at the?San Diego Comic Con 2016. This technology reportedly has the ability to turn off the camera units on smartphones.


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