KickAss Torrent, Torrentz Banned: 6 Best Alternatives Available

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Still looking for an alternative scam and virus free torrent website? KAT or Kickass Torrents has been down for a while now, it played a huge role for the internet users because of how people can get free digital stuff. The owner has been arrested by Poland?s Police force.

After the downfall of the website, KAT. Torrentz, another torrenting website has shared the same fate. Leaving the people no choice but to look for an alternate way to download movies, songs, games and any other digital stuff?that can be copied.

The happenings struck deep into people?s hearts. However, a few torrenting sites had been given the chance to shine. These includes?The Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent, and

The Pirate Bay has risen and made its way back to the most reliable torrent site. Though the some?of the users had been complaining about Pirate Bay?s lack of contents. How ironic for the people who are just there to get a mass of free files.

There is also a website named, Torrentday. It was considered as one of the best alternatives by the previous KAT users. Though Torrentday is a private website, access will be limited and the users from KAT may be the only ones who can get access.

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RarBG also known as RBG is also one of the reliable torrenting sites. RBG was launched back in 2008. However, RBG is banned from countries like Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Portugal.

Multiple clone websites are popping up on the internet and they aren?t gonna give the users anything for free. Instead, they are the kind of the websites who will steal your credentials or bank account details to rob you. Though some websites will just give users computer viruses and any other phishing scam

Resetting the DNS is required in order to make KAT?s servers working again. If there?s a person other than the owner, that has the administrative rights. As of now, no one knows when will either of the torrenting sites, will be back.

Extra Torrent and The Pirate Bay are still the top choices of the people, now that KAT and Torrentz are gone. However, rumors suggest that there?s an imminent threat to the said website, and ?will likely share the same fate as KAT and Torrentz.

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