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Khosla Ventures? Keith Rebois Finds an Easier Way to Sell Homes with Just Clicks

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Khosla Ventures has a new gig: a company that will make people?s lives easier by helping them sell houses in just a few clicks. The company, codenamed Homerun, was co ? founded by former PayPal and Square executive Keith Rabois. He now handles much of the consumer investments at Khosla Ventures. Rabois plans to launch Homerun sometime this year. There were even rumors saying that the company is working with apps like The Information and Secret.

Convenience in Home Selling

According to Rebois, most people consider their homes as their biggest and completely illiquid asset. He added that majority sees this as an expensive transaction, which is why the company aims to provide liquidity, certainty and convenience for the average person to sell his or her house instantly. Rebois has completely committed himself to staying at Khosla. However, he could not specify how the platform would work or who his co ? founders were.

Rebois said that the general point is asking for the seller?s address and identity confirmation before he or she will be allowed to sell a house. He further said that there are plenty of ways to verify a person?s identity, such as Facebook Connect. However, Rebois was not certain if he will really use Facebook Connect for identity verification.

Presenting, Homerun


When you sell a house, you would normally need to hire an agent. This person will list it on classified ads such as MLS. Both agents and buyers will look for homes in MLS, according to their criteria like the location, price or number of rooms. The next steps would be the open house visit, handling mortgages and home inspections.

Rebois said that Homerun is viewed to work for all kinds of deals, whether cash or mortgages. The platform caters to owner ? occupied houses, not speculative buyers and sellers. Homes in the United States typically sell for $260, 000. He said that his instinct tells him that the seamless buying and selling of homes could shift people from renting to owning homes. Rebois added that people rent because of the convenience of turning away from an apartment. He said that at the end of the lease, a person no longer has obligations.

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