KeyMe: An iPhone App That Forever Solves Lost Keys and Lockout Problems

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Are you always locking yourself out and ending up extremely annoyed and frustrated with yourself?

If you own an iPhone and this kind of problem is frequently happening to you, then you would be interested to know that there are now apps that promise to solve lost keys and lockout problems completely and well, forever. One such application?is called KeyMe, which you can download and install onto your smartphone from Apple. KeyMe, which is similar to the Belgian Keysave as well as KeysDuplicated, is basically an application designed to help those who have lost their keys or those who have been locked-out of their homes or cars, by giving them what they need ? a way to open the door. This program makes use of a smartphone scanning system, an email account, a 3D printer, and an automated key-cutting machine. It?s kind of similar to the ?forgot my password? service of emails and other web-based accounts.

The Benefits

Of course, the most obvious benefit to using KeyMe is that you no longer have to call on a locksmith to help you deal with your lockout or lost key problem. You do not have to wait for a long time for such a professional to help you resolve your problems. You do not have to spend a lot of money paying for the services rendered by the locksmith.

The Consequences

While there may be several benefits to using services such as KeyMe, there is no denying the fact that its use also comes with a number of unintended consequences. There?s the fact that unscrupulous individuals, given just the right amount of time having access to your keys, can already create a copy of it. If they are able to find out where you live or where your car is, you?ll end up either having the contents of your car or probably your entire vehicle stolen or have your home burglarized.

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