Kevin Love Trade Rumors: What Do The Cleveland Cavaliers Think About It?

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With his series of injuries and lack of game time, it was definitely an option for the Cleveland Cavaliers to put up Kevin Love for a trade after they acquired him from the the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2014. Love wasn?t helping the Cavaliers bring home the championship trophy. Game after game, issues surrounding his game stats and his relationship with LeBron James has haunted his contract.

According to Sporting News, Kevin Love?s stats during the first six games of the series weren?t as promising as expected. Averaging 8.4 points, 36.8 percent shooting and 5.4 rebounds, yes, the Kevin Love trade rumors did sparked the internet. Despite that, it wasn?t an option for him, not when the Cleveland Cavaliers team was working endless hours to study their blueprint, to make their gameplan and to see to it that everybody gets involved.

But the relentless Kevin Love worked day and night to hone his talent and make sure he?ll be a hundred percent during every game. As for the Kevin Love trade rumors, it?s really hard to say whether all those shortcomings really matter now that they have a championship trophy.

That being said, who?s actually interested on getting listed on the Kevin Love trade rumors? According to Mass Live, there?s a chance that the Celtics will look to acquire him. Nevermind that his stats weren?t as consistent as was expected, Kevin Love helped the Cleveland Cavaliers bring home the championship trophy.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers having to trade Kevin Love, it?s not yet an option. At least not yet when everybody is still recovering from the euphoria of their championship. As the season ends and after a few months to get some rest, the Kevin Love trade rumors can be set aside and fans can expect something more consistent for next year when the Cleveland Cavaliers will face the challenge of defending their championship title.

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