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Kevin Durant, Warriors? Why It’s A Bad Decision For GSW

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After months of speculations, Kevin Durant is now a Warrior. This move might just afford the Golden State Warriors to establish an NBA Championship Dynasty. With a powerful roster including reliable stars such as Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, the Warriors sure look to do just that on paper. The problem is basketball is not played on paper. This amount of unpredictability is what makes it worth watching–just take this recent NBA Finals for example.

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Most would think that this is a great move both for Durant and the Warriors. But, is it? Others have doubts about it. Reasons for this vary from teamplay dynamics to personal egos affecting team chemistry.

Let?s start with team play dynamics. It is likely that Green will play the power forward role to Durant?s small forward position. Durant though has more speed and is bigger. This might cause some confusion on perimeter plays. This, on paper, can be managed by drills and play designs to bring out the best of both players. Being on the court is a different thing though. There will be emotions running high, there will be pressure and there will be blindspots and habits. A single post-season cannot make players unlearn things that made them great for the past couple of years. It would be a disappointing scene if they continue to that individually to the detriment of the team.

Another thing that comes up in watercooler discussions is team chemistry. People question whether Kevin Durant will help the Warriors get their gold or will negatively disrupt the already amazing chemistry. There is no question that Kevin Durant is a great player but Shaq and Kobe were great players and they did not have the best time with the Lakers. They had won the Lakers three consecutive championships but it wasn?t the best ride of their lives. They had an in-team rivalry and fans are anxious whether we will see of the same with Durant and other stars in the Warriors? lineup.


Stars usually have big egos. It?s just hard to imagine them being unconfident. Self-belief and sometimes a little extra of it help push men do great things. But competition can drive a man to greatness at the expense of others. Curry and Kevin Durant are both MVP material. Even if they could play unselfishly and have historic season performances together or win NBA gold together, there is only one MVP award for the season and one for the championships. It?s a toss up between the two and one?s success pulls the other?s legacy down a notch. Would this affect their relationship? Would this affect their game? We shall see.

Now, all signs point to everyone just cooperating to make history and win gold as a team. Dubs fans should just hope that individual agenda won?t crumble them down.

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