The Kettering Incident Season Finale: Most Unsatisfying Finale on Australian Television

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The Kettering Incident Season Finale
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The Kettering Incident season finale was aired on Aug. 18 and fans claimed that it is an unsatisfying end with unforgivable plot holes.

The eight-episode series started with the dark and mysterious feel of Anna Macy?s (Elizabeth Debicki) hometown Kettering, Australia. She has moved back from London to solve the mystery of what happened the night her best friend, Gillian Davies, died. Although the series did move quite slowly with the plot, another death was soon the hot topic of the story. The death of Chloe Holloway (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) gained the town?s attention when Macy came back to Kettering for a visit. Everyone blamed Macy for the murder of Chloe when they found her body, but the finale did not give that.

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The finale gave its fans and viewers the ultimate knock-off when they found out that Renae Baxter (Suzi Dougherty) was the one who killed her. She wrote in a letter that ?Chloe has to pay the price for you all.? Apparently, she has been experiencing pain and torture since her daughter?s, Gillian, disappearance 15 years back. Furthermore, everyone knows what Roy Macy and Max Holloway are hiding up in Mother Sullivan?s Ridge, radioactive waste. It is definitely no wonder that cancer rates are going up since then, and the town?s health has not all been too well. Also, viewers find the truth on clones walking out and about in Kettering.

Although a lot of mysteries were unravelled, there was still no answer. This leads viewers to believe that there will be a second season.


The Kettering Incident Season 2?

As the show?s star, Elizabeth Debicki, has gained popularity, it may be that there will be no season 2. The Kettering Incident was shot in 2014 and was pegged for release in 2015. However, due to unknown circumstances, it was delayed and was released on July 4, 2016. Debicki has signed a couple of contracts for movies in Hollywood, which may take all of her time to be shooting for a second season. She is said to be in the next sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Pratt and God Particle.

Although this could be a big reason to not push through with the second season, Foxtel may soon release an announcement as to whether there will be a season 2 or not of the show. According to Henry Nixon, plays Officer Fergus McFadden, the writers are talking about the production of season 2 and that the finale was supposed to be as open-ended as possible to make room for a second season.

The show has garnered numerous fans and has been on the top charts of Australia?s most viewed non-sports related show on television.

If you are one of the fans that want a second season of The Kettering Incident, tell us your thoughts and comments about the finale in the discussion section below.

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