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The Kettering Incident Season Finale Hinted Cancellation Of Series?

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The Kettering Incident?s final episode has left fans both confused and frustrated. ?The season finale failed to reveal the much anticipated answers to the many mysteries of the season. The finale has even left fans with new more vexing questions to worry about.

The Kettering Incident was considered as one of the very promising TV shows to appear in Australia this 2016. ?Fans would often look forward to each new episode to find out what will happen next. There were a multitude of mysterious supernatural events that occurred throughout the season. The finale has been closely anticipated to reveal the answers that will give sense to all the clues and bring the season to a sober close.

In a turn of events, this did not happen. The last episode was not able to answer the questions that fans have been carrying through the series. The episode had left many disappointed and have given fans only more to question. The final scene shows Anna Macey meet a second version of herself. Fans of the show have even started a Reddit thread to discuss the many theories that would help explain show?s mind boggling final scene. With the way the finale ended that way and how it?s been negatively received by the fans, it leaves many to wonder about the fate for a season 2 for the much loved show.

Before the finale aired, the show?s co-creator Victoria Madden eerily wrote on Facebook: “Your theories as the series progressed have astounded and surprised us – sometimes dangerously close to the truth, sometimes wild enough to make us all fear for your sanity.. Hopefully what happened is just the beginning…” The Queensland Times reports the startling lack of news from neither Tasmania nor Foxtel for a season 2 of the show. In line with Madden?s words & the absence of any season 2 news, fans are left to fear for the worst for the beloved show.

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