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The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Something is Sprouting Around Kettering

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The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

?The Kettering Incident? season 1 episode 5 has a lot of unsettling events and scenes. In this episode, Anna Macy finds out a lot of the weird things that have been happening to Kettering since she left. ?The Kettering Incident? season 1 episode 5 recap is here to give you an overview of what has happened in the recent episode release.

Warning! Spoiler alert!

Episode 5 opens with a dark view of Anna Macy?s home in Kettering with a young Anna screaming Gillian?s name. Roy, Anna?s father, sounds like he knocked down a door after hearing her shout. Anna tells her father about the lights. Afterwards, a man sings ?Hush, Little Baby? nursery rhyme in a creepy tone. Roy shouts at a man named Lofty. He asks what the man is doing and where Anna was.

Since Anna is not staying at Roy?s house at the moment, only Roy inhabits the home. The timeline seems to be in the middle of the night. Roy gets out from bed and goes near his dog, Gracie. He slowly approaches and gets bitten. Apparently, everyone in the whole Kettering who owned a dog has been bitten.

In the hospital, Chloe?s brother, who was injured in the Kettering forest in Episode 4, is still recovering from a loss of blood. Anna visits and checks up on him. She then goes to a nurse asking for the results of the blood sample she left the day before. It was Cade Fisher?s blood, the child she saw with a rash back in the first episode. However, the nurse says that there is no record of the blood being brought in.

Weird things are sprouting around Kettering

Meanwhile, Roy goes to Deb and tells her about Gracie biting him. Deb also tells the viewers that she had cancer along with five other people at the same time, which is thought to be very peculiar. Anna, on the other hand, uses Tim, her then fling in London. She sends him a photo of the bites that Cade has on his arm and asks for some help on what it was. She tells Tim on the phone to give her a call when he can. Brian comes into the hallway and talks to Anna for a while, speaking negatively of Roy regarding the Gillian case.

Anna receives a call after she talks to Brian. She was asked to go to the nursing home where her mother is staying. She finds out that her mother, Wendy, has been given enough sedative to knock off a camel, but Wendy is just standing very still.

Deb and Eliza?s mother are in a storage room. Eliza?s mother delivers some things and notices that there was a lot of moss growing on one side of the wall. Deb questions how it got there. They say that the forest is creeping in.

Anna is still not welcome

Anna goes to the police station after visiting her mother. No one is there, so she takes a look at a file cabinet that could contain Gillian?s case files. She sees the folder, however, nothing is there. Sandy comes in and looks for her. Anna and Sandy go to the clinic and find patients with bites from their pets. Similar to what happened with Roy earlier.

Anna suggests that everyone gets tetanus shots. However, a woman says she is waiting for a real doctor. Anna bites back with the facts of being infected with rabies.

Brian and Ferguson are in the coroner?s office for an update on Chloe?s autopsy. Chloe?s wounds are not consistent with any tool they know of at the moment. Chloe?s parents also will not be able to bury Chloe?s body because her toxicology report says that she has an abnormal level of radiation and toxic substances. Brian wonders why because there was nothing where she was supposedly killed. However, these did not contribute to her death.

Anna finds out what happened to her the night that Gillian went missing. She also finds out that she was put into a psychiatric hospital for two weeks. She goes to her father and says that she does not remember being in a psychiatric facility. Roy says that it is because he told her that she was just in the hospital for another sickness. She also finds the truth about Lofty.

Anna visits Lofty. He tells her everything that happened the night that Gillian disappeared. Anna remembers that Lofty was the one singing ?Hush, Little Baby.? Anna asks why Roy blamed him for what happened that night. Lofty says that Roy was scared. Anna does not understand and says who Roy was scared of. Lofty walks away saying that Roy was scared of her.

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