The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Where to Watch

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The Kettering Incident Season Finale
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The Kettering Incident season 1 episode 3 aired on July 11. This eerie show has been gaining a lot of critics. Since the premiere of episodes one and two on July 4, 2016, it has garnered 126 reviews on IMDb. With its 8.5 out of 10 rating, there are now a lot of people interested in seeing it. However, since it is only exclusive to Foxtel Play subscribers and Australian viewers, it may be difficult for some to watch. TheBitBag team is here to help you get a picture of what?s coming.

If you weren?t able to watch the season premiere of The Kettering Incident, you can read the play by play here.

Warning! Spoilers!

The show opens with eerie music coupled with a gloomy scene of a tree in the rainforest. There were little orbs floating around the forest, and Anna can see them as she opens her eyes to wake up. She takes her journal from her bag and writes down where she woke up. An officer comes to Chloe?s parents? house and asks if the phone he brought was Chloe?s. The phone is ?smashed up?, and Barbara, Chloe?s mom, asks why and where was it found. The police says it was found in Kettering forest near a cave. Chloe?s older brother comes in, and Barbara asks if he was there at the night of the party. He reveals the truth that he was there.

Everyone starts talking about Chloe?s phone as a clue to her disappearance. Even the officer, Brian, that Anna stayed with, is talking about it with Anna. Their conversation abruptly ends as the officer leaves and tells Anna that she has a ?nasty bruise? on the back of her leg, which she didn?t notice.

Chloe?s best friend

Chloe?s best friend, Eliza, who received a call from Chloe that sounded like she was distressed. Eliza is in her room with the lead investigating officer, who also showed the phone to Chloe?s parents. Eliza mentions to the officer that the phone call was a joke and replayed the recording. The officer asks Eliza why she said it was real and then now says that it was a joke. She says that they recorded that when they were mucking around. It was recorded when they were in Chloe?s car while drinking. The officer tells Eliza that it?s an offense to lie to the police. Eliza, then, looks far off into the distance, with the officer asking what she?s doing, and says, ?I can see the lights.?

She comes back from her catatonic state and says, ?See? We just pretend. Chloe and I always do that stuff and just muck around. I guess I just wanted to be a part of it.?

Chloe?s ex-boyfriend Dane

Dane gets a visit by Brian and asks about the drugs that?s missing from the package he picked up with Chloe one night. Dane says that he knows where the drugs are, in which case he will owe Brian ten grand. Brian just wants to know who took the drugs and get them back, so he can sell it off. Dane tells Brian that there were still some drugs stashed at Chloe?s house that they afraid to get since Chloe?s disappearance. Brian sets up a meeting in Franklin?s shed with Dane.

Kettering Forest search

Meanwhile, Anna walks down the street and sees Chloe?s missing ads. She takes it down and everyone is looking at her. She gets home and looks for her dad. Her dad isn?t anywhere to be found, but she sees the map of Kettering with the Kettering Forest circled in red with some writings. Anna goes to Deb and tells Deb she wants to get a ride up to where the search party will be. However, everyone?s view of her has been tainted due to the past disappearance of another girl. Furthermore, she says that she can help in finding Chloe and forces herself to go by just entering the car. While on the drive, Deb hits something and has to stop the car to check what it was and if the car was damaged. It was a young deer that was now struggling to breathe. Anna takes a big rock and smashes the deer?s head in at least three times. She gets blood splatters on her face, which she just wipes off.

There was a whole search party out in Kettering Forest. Anna and the girl driving arrives at the scene where they are searching. Everyone is staring at her, and one guy asks, ?Who?d you kill?? She looks and sees that she has a lot of dried blood on her hands and clothes. ?What are you even doing here?? the man asks. They even have search dogs, and they were barking incessantly. The handlers said they?ve never seen the dogs react like that before. Anna searched for Chloe amid all the other people searching for her. She mumbles Chloe?s name and her surroundings start to get dark and foggy. From a far away view, clouds can be seen engulfing the mountain where the forest stands. Anna keeps walking around and steps onto soft mud and fumbles while she loses her flashlight. As she struggles to look for her flashlight, she looks up and sees ?the lights?. She tries to get away from the soft patch of mud she stepped in. As the light grows coming towards her, she says, ?Gillian.? However, it is just a man that is part of the search party.

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