The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 Recap: Where to Watch

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The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

If you?re not from Australia or a Foxtel Play subscriber, you?re probably not going to be able to watch Foxtel?s new TV series, ?The Kettering Incident? Season 1 Episode 1 and 2. Even if you look around the whole wide web (pun intended!), you will not be able to find a decent link that will show you or even begin to show you what ?The Kettering Incident? has in store for you. If you have $50 to pay for Foxtel Play but aren?t living in Australia, it will be of no use. TheBitBag team has once again tried to scour the internet to help you find a way to watch this show, but it is still to no avail.

The first two episodes of ?The Kettering Incident? is ?Anna? & ?Lights? and runs for about an hour and a half. You will not be disappointed, though.

This series have been captivating thus far. If you want to read the spoilers, please keep reading below! If you want to see it for yourself, go to the end of the article and discuss this article with us.

In the premier episodes of ?The Kettering Incident,? viewers were given a background on Anna Macy, played by Elizabeth Debicki. She is a doctor in London with a dark past. She tells people that she is from London when she is really from a small town called Kettering in Tasmania, Australia. All of a sudden, she has a blackout and is found by an officer near a dumpster. She didn?t know what happened and where she was.

She goes back to the hospital where she visits one of her patients. It would be later on in the episode that viewers would know that she is a hematologist. She gets herself checked after the blackout with one of the neurologists in the hospital she works at. The neurologist suggests that she must have had something very traumatic happen to her when she was a child, and it may be time for her to go back to fix a possible post traumatic syndrome disorder, or PTSD. Anna denies that she had some sort of PTSD and says that she?s from London.

Tim, another doctor, asks if Anna is alright, when she goes to see him. He shows Anna a security footage of her walking into the hospital blankly, then breaking into a tap dance in the hallway. She experiences another blackout with small flashbacks, and she is shown inside a car. She wakes up inside a car which is parked at the edge of a cliff overlooking a nice view. She panics and looks inside the car for her phone, which didn?t have battery. She looks inside her bag and she discovered that she had purchased a ticket and has arrived in Kettering with no luggage.

Anna hitches a ride to a diner and sees that they are selling souvenirs of snow globes with the words ?The Kettering Incident? etched on it. She didn?t have a happy welcome with someone telling her, ?You have a bloody nerve coming out here.? She goes back to her home and realizes that everything is kept as it was. She looks around the house and sees her father in the back at the chicken coop. Her father asks what she was doing there, and she tells him that she?s there after attending a conference in Sydney.

Anna gets another blackout after going to the garage and wakes up on her bed. Anna gets close to another girl, Chloe, from Kettering, who has been dreaming of leaving the town and moving to London. However, it has been said that you can never leave Kettering. Chloe drives Anna to where her car was parked, but it was nowhere to be found. Anna goes to the police to file a report, but the guy who was helping her was rude and boisterous. The police officer got a call about a car only to find out that her car was being burned to bits by activists against logging.

Anna asks Chloe to show her where she saw the lights. They go to a forest party first where they take drugs. Chloe walks into the forest, and Anna follows her. They see the lights, and Anna starts to scream. Suddenly, the whole town is riddled with dead birds and moths, and Anna wakes up with no clothing on in her home. She sees that she has scratches on her hands and no more pills in her bag. She goes over to the town clinic, but her doctor is no longer servicing anyone. She takes a prescription pad from her old doctor and writes herself a prescription and goes over to the pharmacy. The pharmacist doesn?t give her any medication, therefore she cannot leave Kettering until she gets her hands on some.

Meanwhile, Chloe never seems to make it home, and the town starts to search for her. They start searching at her best friend?s house, and then at the place where the party was held the night before. There are no traces of Chloe anywhere. Her best friend gets an eerie call with Chloe screaming for help. Everyone in town is still looking for Chloe with no leads except for Anna.

Anna drives over to the old Sullivan?s house where Chloe said she sees lights. Anna sees the child that she saw over at the clinic earlier. The child runs into the woods, and Anna follows him and ends up at the Sullivan?s house. Meanwhile, Chloe?s mother sees a video that Chloe made recently about wanting to get out of the town and disappear after she uncovers the masks everyone in the town wears. Anna goes inside the Sullivan?s house to find that she had some pills there. She hears a child?s laughter and follows it. She sees that there are two sleeping bags on the floor with some burning amber beside it meaning some people have been living there. She hears voices again. The voice says, ?Anna. Help me.? Anna gets a flashback of Gillian in her red riding hood jacket tied up on a chair. She blacks out again and she wakes up with a nosebleed somewhere and sees strange lights in the sky.

Anna goes to see Barbara, Chloe?s mom. She tells Barbara that she didn?t find Chloe, but she knows that Chloe knows something about the lights. Barbara and her husband got to their house to find Chloe?s best friend wet and crying with her phone in her hand. She lets Chloe?s parents listen to the call she was able to get of Chloe screaming for help.

This is where ?The Kettering Incident? premier episodes end. Do you think Anna will leave Kettering or stays to find out what everyone else wants to know? Will Chloe come back alive?

?The Kettering Incident? airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. AEST on Foxtel?s showcase channel.
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