Kendrick Lamar Wedding Crasher Video Goes Viral: Complete Details Of What Happened Here

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Well, it?s quite unexpected from Kendrick Lamar to crash a wedding. But the truth is that he did and was asked to leave. Here are the complete details of what exactly happened.

According to TMZ, Kendrick gave a newlywed couple the surprise of a lifetime by crashing their reception — but at least one guest got upset, and tried to toss the superstar and his pals out of the party!

The wedding was in a Columbus, OH hotel last month, and in this video one can see Kendrick (in the green hat) hit the dance floor as Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is blaring. It’s pretty funny, very few people are dancing and Kendrick takes over the floor … until an older gentleman starts asking questions.

Hot New Hiphop?states that, the buzz-kill of a guest didn’t stop K-Dot from throwing down, but when his friends couldn’t answer the simple question “who got married,” they were ordered to leave immediately.

“You guys are in this party? Who got married?”

Now isn?t that really shocking. Well we feel that Kendrick should not upset his fans by doing such antics and should rather concentrate on his tour which his fans are impatiently waiting for.

Kendrick has announced his eight day tour in Australia, the tour will be his first tour and will take place in eight cities over eight nights. The dates and cities have yet to be announced.

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