Kendrick Lamar ‘These Walls’ Video Is A Big Surprise To Fans, Watch It Here!

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Hiphop superstar Kendrick Lamar?just dropped his music video for the song ?These Walls? featuring Bilal, Anna Wise and Thundercat.

The cinematic video is directed by Colin Tilley, who also directed Lamar?s ?Alright? video that won Best Direction at this year?s Video Music Awards.

The opening credits read ?Behind the Walls: A Black Comedy?, the 8-minute long video starts out with comedian Corey Holcomb, who plays a character in jail, narrating his story to inmates then cuts to a scene of a house party in the projects.

Lamar is seen here dancing with a woman too enthusiastically, which causes one wall of the house to crumble. The video also features actor Terry Crews, who crashes a talent show with the rapper and performs the dance ?Hit the Quan?.

The scene cuts to Holcolmb again who enters the party and gets taken away by the cops because he hit the back of their car.

A reference to the adage ?if these walls could talk,? the song talks about the dark side of fame and Lamar?s struggles. Over at Genius, you can check out the user-contributed in-depth analysis of the lyrics.

The song is taken from Lamar?s third studio album called ?To Pimp a Butterfly?, a 16-song set that Lamar described to Rolling Stone as?”honest, fearful and unapologetic”.

?You take a black kid out of Compton and put him in the limelight, and you find answers about yourself you never knew you were searching for,? he said in the interview. ?There?s some stuff in there, man. It?s a roller coaster. It builds,? the rapper told Rolling Stone.

The album?s lead single entitled ?i? earned him his first two Grammys for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

Make sure you watch ?til the end of the video for some of Holcolmb?s humor!

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