Kendrick Lamar And J Cole Album Release Not Happening As Drake Replaced J Cole?

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Kendrick Lamar And J Cole

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album may not happen at all as latest news claims that Drake is working with Kendrick Lamar. Will it be Kendrick-Drake collaborative album? Kendrick Lamar has already launched his surprise album ?Untitled Unmastered?. So far we have not heard anything about his upcoming project except the joint album.

According to XXL, Drake has posted a picture on Instagram in which we can find the studio set up. Drake?s View From The 6 is already over. Is he sending an indirect message to Kendrick-Cole fans about his entry? Kendrick Lamar is also busy in his studio. ?Earlier this week, footage surfaced of Kendrick Lamar in the studio with TDE co-president Dave Free,? the report said.

If the rumored album ?Reminiscing? comes out as a Kendrick-Drake project rather than Kendrick-Cole project many will be disappointed. In a recent interview, the popular lyricists Royce Da 5?9??Royce had mentioned that Kendrick Lamar?s works are awesome compared to Drake. ?Kendrick Lamar is the exception to every rule in hip-hop. He sits in that very successful MC space by himself but he takes that hit. He doesn?t sell the same number of records as Drake does. He may have to take that hit in sales to get the Grammy?s and receive the creative accolades,? Royce said.

He also praised the simplicity of ?J Cole?s music. Many other rappers are waiting to receive Kendrick-Cole joint album. They will be shocked if Drake takes Cole?s place. ?You gotta tip your hat to Kendrick, you gotta tip your hat to J. Cole, for them guys to be able to come out in such an atmosphere of negativity and still be able to push something positive,? an American Rapper Big Gipp said.

Kendrick Lamar will definitely launch his joint project soon. ?We gonna drop that out the sky, I ain?t gonna give no dates, no nothing. I?m just gonna let it fall,? Kendrick said. Will you be happy if Drake joins Kendrick Lamar for the collaborative project? ?

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