Kendrick Lamar And J Cole Joint Album Release: J Cole Also Has No Time For Joint Projects?

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Kendrick Lamar J Cole New Album Update

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album is not likely to take off soon. So far we had a hope that J Cole will do something to finish the joint album. But now he in the news for solo projects. Currently, the ?Forest Hills Drive? singer is performing at the annual Bonnaroo music festival, according to Engadget.

There is also a possibility of J Cole bringing out a solo album. Recently, J Cole world fansite shared a video in which J Cole is spotted in a studio setup. He was composing a smooth beat. After some time, Dreamville producer Ron Gilmore joined J Cole, hotnewhiphop reported. We are not sure whether it was for the new album. ?

Earlier, Producer Cardo had revealed that he had spoken to J Cole about music and also sent some files.?I connected with Cole when I was working with my guy Matt. He was like, ?Yo, J. Cole needs some beats.? He ended up taking like two or three beats. And then he was like, ?J. Cole wants to talk to you. Here?s his number.? I ended up talking to J. Cole and had like a 30-minute conversation just talking about music and everything. I thought that was the dopest shit as well because I?m a fan of J. Cole?s music. He said he?s got this record and just needs the files, so I ended up sending him files and this and that,? Cardo said, according to Complex.

J Cole has taken the top position on The Billboard?s Top Earners List. His total revenue was $8.8 million last year. At present, he is one of the star performers. His next musical concert will be at Johannesburg .

?We are extremely excited to be bringing a performer of J.Cole?s standing to the country this June. Tickets go on sale on Thursday. They will start from R250,? Spokesperson Vaughan Croeser said.

Is J Cole?s preference to solo projects postponing the Kendrick-Cole album launch?

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