Kendrick lamar And J Cole Album Release: Kendrick To Work With ScHoolboy?

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Kendrick Lamar and J Cole Album

Fans are desperately waiting for Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album. As per the latest report, Kendrick is joining hands with ScHoolboy for a new album.

According to XXL, ?ScHoolboy Q has released a new short film entitled, ?By Any Means: Part (1).? At the end of the video, he has revealed about his new collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick will be featured in the song ?By Any Means? and it will track No. 8 on Q?s next album ?Blank Face?.

Top brands are also behind Kendrick Lamar. Recently, Kendrick Lamar announced his collaboration with Reebok Classic, according to highsnobiety. ?With this launch, Reebok Classic continues its collaboration with multi-platinum selling top dawg entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar.He is one of the most prolific artistes today and is recognised across the globe for the authenticity and originality of his music,? Senior marketing director of Reebok India Silvia Tallon said, according to THEHANSINDIA.

It looks like Kendrick?s busy schedule will never allow him to touch the Kendrick-Cole project. The joint album began in 2012. There was a rumor that few tracks for the joint album were recorded. The popular beat maker Cardo had revealed that he had sent some files to J Cole. ?I connected with Cole when I was working with my guy Matt. He was like, ?Yo, J. Cole needs some beats.? He ended up taking like two or three beats. And then he was like, ?J. Cole wants to talk to you. Here?s his number.? I ended up talking to J. Cole and had like a 30-minute conversation just talking about music and everything. I thought that was the dopest shit as well because I?m a fan of J. Cole?s music. He said he?s got this record and just needs the files, so I ended up sending him files and this and that,? Cardo said, according to Complex.

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