Kendrick Lamar And J Cole Album Release: J Cole Launching Joint Album With DJ Khaled?

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Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album is not likely to be launched soon. However, shocking news has just come out. DJ Khaled has teased that he is working with J Cole. Are they bringing a new album? The answer is still not clear.

DJ Khaled was previewing songs from his upcoming album ?Major Key? in his Snapchat story. In between, he mentioned that he had a call from J Cole.

“I’m not saying nothing, I’m just being honest. Fan love, I just got off the phone with J. Cole. I just got off the phone with J COLE. Oh I’m just in the studio working on Major Key,? Khaled said, according to COMPLEX.

J Cole has not released any album after launching ?Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming?. So, there is a big possibility of the rapper presenting a new album before the end of 2016.

J. Cole to perform in Outside Lands 2016

Recently, J Cole world fansite has shared a video where J Cole is seen in a studio setup. He was accompanied by Dreamville producer Ron Gilmore.

In an interview, beatmaker Cardo had also confirmed that he sent a few music files to J Cole. ??I ended up talking to J. Cole and had like a 30-minute conversation just talking about music and everything. I thought that was the dopest s**t as well because I?m a fan of J. Cole?s music. He said he?s got this record and just needs the files, so I ended up sending him files and this and that,? Cardo said.

Is Kendrick Lamar Avoiding The Joint Album?

It sounds like Kendrick Lamar has no time for any joint album at this moment. He is making headlines for solo projects and individual achievements. He got a special invitation from US President Obama to attend the Fourth of July party. It?s a big honour for any rapper. He has also signed an important non-musical project. Kendrick Lamar launched a new version of iconic Reebok shoes called ?Classic Leather?.

Kendrick Lamar And J Cole Album Release Date

Fans are waiting for Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album since 2014. Do you feel the rappers have already canceled the joint album?

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